Freedom of information

United States – a U.S. government-wide portal that allows access to all the FOIA data collected by the Department of Justice, including information on number of requests received, processing times, backlogs and fees. The site also contains links to the FOIA pages of federal government agencies.

Muckrock – a site run by journalists and technologists,  acts as a request proxy that sends FOI requests on behalf of information requesters.

Citizen Media Law Project, Access to Government Information – has helpful links and guides to getting access to public records, public meetings and court records and proceedings.

National Freedom of Information Coalition, State FOI Resources – has links to texts of state public records laws as well as contact information for lawyers, FOI advocates and FOI-related information for each state.

National Security Archive, Effective FOIA Requesting for Everyone – provides an overview of how to obtain documents from federal executive branch agencies.

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Open Government Guide – contains information on open records and open meetings laws in all 50 states. RCFP also has a FOIA Letter Generator that automatically drafts FOI letters based on existing templates.

Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press, Federal Open Government Guide – a comprehensive guide on using the U.S. Federal FOIA.

Office of Government Information Services is charged with  s with reviewing FOIA policies, procedures and compliance of federal agencies. It has a useful blog, The FOIA Ombudsman, that tries to bridge FOI requesters and federal agencies.

Government Attic has an eclectic collection of documents released through FOIA.

GovernmentDocs.Org is a website launched by Citizens for Responsibility and Ethics in Washington, along with Project on Government Oversight, Public Citizen, Electronic Frontier Foundation and the Sunlight Foundation. It provides a searchable database of documents obtained through FOI requests.

Transactional Records Access Clearinghouse, run out of Syracuse University, is a repository of information obtained through FOIA requests made by TRAC’s team of lawyers. TRAC’s Data Warehouse has a vast storehouse of information on the criminal, civil, and administrative enforcement activities of a range of federal agencies.


Access Info-Europe – a human rights organization dedicated to the right to information, Access Info publishes a number of useful toolkits, including Legal Leaks Toolkit  a step-by-step guide to using FOI laws in OSCE  countries.

Ask the EU  assists those who want to request information from the EU; also publishes information made available through information requests.

FOI in the EU – tracks news, analyses and documentation on proposed changes to the regulations governing access to EU documents.

Wobbing Europe – has links to the texts of freedom-of-information laws in 37 European countries as well as tips for overcoming obstacles to getting information.

What Do They Know? is a UK site that provides information on FOI requests made of public authorities in the UK; also assists requesters and provides information on how to craft information requests.

TuDerechoaSaber, an FOI site in Spain. Like What Do They know, it helps information requesters file their requests and also posts information that has been received from state agencies.



International – has information on freedom of information campaigns worldwide, and has link to FOI laws in Africa, Asia, Latin America, North America and Oceania.

Freedom of Information Advocates Network (FOIAnet) – internati0nal information-sharing network of organizations and individuals working to promote the right to information; publishes news and debate on the right to information.

Right2Info – a collaborative effort by freedom-of-information groups around the world, this site has links to FOI laws and resources; also has international laws and standards that govern the right to information. There’s also sampling of illustrative cases related to freedom of information.

Useful Complaint and Appeals Bodies Worldwide – table compiled by FOIANet that lists the complaints and appeals bodies around the world that deal with citizens’ problems with access to information. The table has links to the websites of those bodies.

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