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2 Comments on “Public records databases”

  1. Hello! I am one of the researchers/authors of the Puppet Masters report; I randomly came across your blog while doing some media tracking of our study. I am very impressed with the utility of your investigative and asset tracing posts. The mansion-tracking Pinterest is brilliant touch- corruption in its most tangible form.

    On this public records page, you mention the excellent HK Judiciary website, which was very useful in finding out details related to the constellation of cases related to corrupt acts by Charles Warwick Reid. I would suggest that similar websites affiliated with the Free Access to Law Movement (FALM) might make a good addition to this list- member projects such as BAILII and WorldLII provide some of the best available information on national laws and legal actions, including a good deal of corruption and bribery prosecutions.

    I look forward to more posts in the future!

    • scoronel says:

      Thank you for this. I am a big fan of the Puppet Masters — there’s plenty there that could be mined by journalists. The descriptions of the many different and imaginative ways in which corporate vehicles have been used are both fascinating and helpful. Thanks for the additional resources. I will certainly include them in my list. And congratulations on an excellent study!

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