Safety and security

Committee to Protect Journalists, revised Journalist Security Guide: an indispensable guide to covering armed conflict, crime and corruption, civil disturbances, natural disasters and health epidemics. Also has extremely useful chapters on information security (including Internet and mobile-phone security), basic preparedness and dealing with surveillance as well as stress.

Small World News, Guide to Safely Using Sat Phones: a comprehensive guide to the security risks associated with using satellite phones, provides detailed instructions on everything from choosing which brand of phone to choose to using phones to securely send email and messages and to make secure voice calls.

Electronic Frontier Foundation, Surveillance Self-Defense: helpful guide to protecting yourself against threats to data stored in personal or office computers, information that is being transmitted online or via phone, and data that is stored by third parties.

Electronic Frontier Foundation, Defending Privacy at the U.S. Border: A Guide for Travelers Carrying Digital Devices. 

Electronic Frontier Foundation, How to Blog Safely: provides easy-to-follow guides on blogging anonymously, and minimizing personal risks if blogging for the public.

Mobile Security Survival Guide for Journalists explains the risks in using mobile technology and provides tips to help mitigate those risks.  Also check out Safer Mobile, which has helpful tips on using email and social media securely . The site also has links for downloading helpful security and encryption apps.

The Guardian Project creates easy-to-use apps, firmware and customized mobile phones designed to be secure and counter surveillance. More information here. And here, a helpful post on mobile-phone security.

Spying on Journalists is Easy, an article published by  the Columbia Journalism Review, provides some quick tips on digital security.

3 Comments on “Safety and security”

  1. […] I’ve updated the Resources section of this blog to include material on journalist security. Some helpful guides include The Small World News’ Guide to Safely Using Sat Phones and the […]

  2. gavin353 says:

    Dear Sheila,
    The Centre for Investigative Journalism has just published a guide to secure communications that may be helpful. Its called INFORMATION SECURITY FOR JOURNALISTS and is available free online at TCIJ.ORG
    As the technology is constantly evolving we are updating this Logan Handbook frequently. We appreciate all constructive suggestions forits continuous improvement.
    All best,


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